Mr Toh told TNP last Wednesday that his two passengers were angry after they realised he had taken them to the wrong place. They verbally abused him even after he offered to forgo the fare.

Initially claiming he could not remember what happened after he let the men out behind a stationary CityCab, he later said his vehicle had knocked into the rear of the CityCab.

When he tried to brake, he stepped on the accelerator instead. All he remembered next was his vehicle speeding forward and overturning.

Mr Toh, who was trapped inside with minor cuts, was rescued by four passers-by.

He said he could not work for about a year after his 2012 accident and started driving a taxi again only earlier this year.

He said: "I make it a point to pick up customers who are going only to places I am familiar with. I also try not to drive above 70kmh."

He said he tried using a Global Positioning System navigation device, but gave up because he could not figure out how to use it.

Mr Toh, who starts his relief shift at about 6pm every day, said he ends his shift by about 1am.