About the case

In four years, he made more than a million dollars from his nine pubs in two Orchard Road buildings.

About 40 per cent of that money was made illegally by providing sexual services in the pubs.

To provide these services, pub owner Ang Boon Seng and his 18 accomplices, including his wife, procured women from the Philippines.

Ang, 40, is awaiting sentencing for abetting with others to procure women for the purpose of prostitution, abetting with others to harbour the women, living off their immoral earnings and managing brothels.

He faced 232 charges in all, with 189 taken into consideration.

Seven of his nine pubs, including Tokyo Drift, Poker Face Entertainment, Masquerade Karaoke & Tea Lounge and Koto Japanese Lounge, were in Orchard Plaza.

The remaining two, Ginza Entertainment and Candles Pub, were in nearby Cuppage Plaza.

His wife, Singapore permanent resident Ylarde Anne Asuncion, 31, from the Philippines, is also awaiting sentencing for six charges of procuring women for the purpose of prostitution and one count of living off immoral earnings.

She helped her husband to bring in "performing artists" from the Philippines when she returned home.

There, she was occasionally approached by her friends who asked if she could help their friends find work in Singapore.

The couple pleaded guilty in August. For each charge, each of them faces up to five years' jail and/or a fine of up to $10,000.