Ms Zhou had gone to Mobile Air at Sim Lim Square on Sept 24 and paid $1,600 for an iPhone 6 Plus.

But after signing a "contract", she was told she had to pay another $2,400 for a two-year "insurance plan".

After much haggling, she paid an additional $1,400, and later filed a complaint at the Small Claims Tribunal.

The shop was then ordered to refund her $1,010 by Oct 17.

But she said when her aunt tried to collect the money on her behalf on several occasions, the shop refused to pay up.

When she finally went back to the shop on Oct 28, the staff gave her the full amount in coins. She said they verbally abused and taunted her, while forcing her and her aunt to count the money on the floor.

She took almost three hours to count about $550 in coins. When the media showed up, the shop relented and agreed to pay the rest in notes.