Diagnosed paedophile Chan Chun Hong, 31, pleaded guilty in the State Courts to 12 child pornography and child sex-related offences on Feb 6.

He admitted to seven counts of electronically distributing child pornography, three counts of promoting commercial sex with a minor outside Singapore, and one count each of facilitating commercial sex with a minor outside Singapore and possession of obscene films.

Chan is the first person here to be convicted of organising a commercial sex tour overseas.

He was initially slapped with 145 charges of various child pornography and child sex-related offences. The other charges will be taken into consideration during sentencing.

Chan was nabbed when Singapore police, acting on a tip-off from America's Federal Bureau of Investigation , launched a sting operation.

An undercover officer posed as someone interested in a sex tour in Cambodia, and Chan offered to make arrangements for the man.

Chan will next appear in court on March 23, where he is due to be sentenced.

Previously, Deputy Public Prosecutor Yang Ziliang had pressed for a total sentence of at least six years, citing the voluminous amount of obscene material Chan had distributed, adding that it was the "most egregious and abhorrent" category of child pornography.