On March 2 last year, the baby's aunt and her 22-year-old fiancé wanted to go to a supermarket with the baby and his 21-month-old cousin.

They were living in the flat of the baby's mother.

The baby was in a stroller in the corridor outside the flat and the fiancé had gone back inside to get the cousin's stroller. The toddler pushed the baby's stroller, causing it to fold up and topple to the ground.

The baby was found to be unresponsive the following day and was taken to hospital, where he later died.

State Coroner Janet Wang found that the stroller had not been fully secured after it was opened. In her findings on Feb 18, she said that it could be fully opened only with considerable force being exerted by both hands. A click would be heard to indicate that the locking mechanism had been engaged.

But she noted that the aunt was unsure if it was fully opened and could not remember hearing a click.

Said Coroner Wang: "The safety of the stroller was compromised by its antiquated and rusty condition, which made it difficult to engage the locking mechanism.

"This rendered the stroller more susceptible to collapse when an additional force is applied to it."