About the programme

As of this month, the IPPT window has been extended from nine to 12 months, and all NSmen are required to pass it within this period.

Alternatively, operationally ready national servicemen may choose to sign up for the IPT, a voluntary programme for those wanting to raise their fitness levels.

On their first IPT session, all participants will go through a round of IPPT to gauge their fitness levels.

From there, they will be given a personal target to work towards.

During their 10th session, another IPPT test will be conducted to see how much they have improved. NSmen can exit the scheme if they meet their targets or pass the IPPT.

Currently, IPT is held at the following venues: Khatib Fitness Conditioning Centre (FCC), Maju FCC, Kranji FCC and Bedok FCC

The venues for the IPT-in-the-park trial are as follows: The Promontory@Marina Bay, MOE Co-Curricular Activities Branch (Evans Road), Jurong Central Park, Bishan Park and Punggol Park.

For more information about the IPT schedules, visit