About Pte Ganesh

Private (Pte) Ganesh Pillay Magindren, 23, was found dead at the foot of his Sengkang condominium in July last year.

The full-time national serviceman (NSF) was seeing a psychiatrist regularly for schizophrenia.

The day before his death, Captain Jessie Goh had given him 14 days of extra duties for not signing a logbook, reporting late for work and unsatisfactory work performance.

She was the manpower officer at 24th Battalion Singapore Artillery and directly in charge of Pte Ganesh when he was posted there in November 2012. He was assigned to clerical work as an administrative support assistant.

In the inquiry into his death, State Coroner Imran Abdul Hamid said he had died from multiple injuries sustained from a deliberate fall from height and that he had known it would lead to his death. Mr Imran also said Pte Ganesh's army unit had lapses in managing his mental illness.

An army directive said camps are supposed to keep a medical register of servicemen with psychiatric illnesses. But Khatib Camp did not, the coroner said.

Unit commanders who are in charge of servicemen with psychiatric problems would need to be informed by a letter from the Personnel Management Centre. But Pte Ganesh's unit did not receive any such letter about his condition until a day before his death.

Following the inquiry, the Ministry of Defence said in a statement that it will study the State Coroner's findings carefully to improve and tighten its procedures to ensure better compliance by Singapore Armed Forces units in dealing with soldiers with mental problems.