About the SGH Pioneer event

Today, Singapore General Hospital (SGH) celebrates the efforts of pioneer generation health-care workers who are still working there and have made significant contributions to their various medical disciplines.

Apart for Mrs Kwan, the event features four other pioneers.

Professor Foo Keong Tatt, department of urology

Popularly known as the "Father of Urology", he was one of the pioneering few who practised urology exclusively, and has tutored almost everyone in the present generation of urologists.

Mr Ho Meng Jang, department of occupational therapy

He was the first Singaporean to head the male occupational therapy department at Woodbridge Hospital in 1967. Mr Ho was posted to SGH in 1975, where he introduced a new way of treating burn patients using pressure garments. The method limited the formation of rigid bumps that could hinder mobility.

Mr Albert Lee, department of physiotherapy

Starting his career as a dispensing assistant at SGH in 1957, Mr Lee's journey into physiotherapy was inspired by his father, who had a rare spinal lesion.

Mr Peter Lee, medical social services

The marine engineering student switched to social services in 1967 after realising that his interests lay more in helping people. The senior principal medical social worker has been bettering lives for more than 40 years since.