About World First Aid Day

Applying first aid in the first few critical moments of an emergency often makes the difference between life and death, said a spokesman for the Singapore Red Cross (SRC).

To raise awareness about first aid, the organisation will be observing World First Aid Day on Sept 13.

Added the spokesman: "It is a time to promote first aid as a life-saving skill around theĀ globe and ensure that a growing number of peopleĀ and communities anywhere are prepared and equipped to save lives when a disaster or an emergency occurs."

To pick up the skill, you can sign up for courses at the SRC Academy, which conducts a wide range of standard and specialised first-aid courses.

This includes courses for beginners, caregivers and those whose job requires first aid training.

The standard first aid course costs $128.40 and trainees can pick up skills in bandaging, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and immobilisation techniques for fractures.

Trainees who complete the course will be certified as a first-aid giver for three years.

Before it expires, trainees must take refresher courses if they want to extend their certification.

Call 6664-0500, e-mail or visit for more details.