AirAsia imposes new 'KLIA2 fee'

AirAsia passengers flying to and from Kuala Lumpur may be surprised by a new "KLIA2 fee".

The airline started charging its passengers a RM3 (S$1.20) fee with each ticket booked since last Friday, reported Malaysia's The Star.

Malaysia Airports Holdings was quick to distance itself from the move, issuing a statement to deny that it had anything to do with it.

"There is no such charge as the 'KLIA2 fee' by the airport," the statement said.

"The airport charges are standard and applicable to all airlines at our airports," it said in response to queries from the public over the fee.

"We have highlighted to AirAsia to explain this additional RM3 fee to the public."


AirAsia chief Aireen Omar said in an interview that the airline was imposing the fee on all its customers using the new terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2).

"We did our own calculations based on the charges imposed on us by Malaysia Airports...the RM3 fee is for the aerobridge charge, the check-in system and other new things implemented in KLIA2 that weren't available at (the earlier low-cost terminal)," said Ms Omar.