Aliff's chequered past

September 2014

Berita Harian reported that Aliff was fined $2,000 for stealing two mobile phones with another man in May. On this matter, Aliff told TNP that he is innocent, but he chose not to elaborate.

July 2014

He was accused in the gossip column of a Malaysian newspaper of hiding in Singapore to run away from debt, an allegation he has denied and claimed was a "misunderstanding" as a result of late payments on several bills.

He was also slammed by fans for his dyed blond hair, an image he said was merely for the shooting of a music video for his single Tak Ada Cinta Sepertimu with Malaysian singer Siti Nordiana.

April 2013

A Malaysian newspaper report said that he lacked discipline on set while filming for a drama series in Malaysia. He was said to often disappear from set and was tardy.

November 2012

Aliff revealed that he was supposed to marry then-girlfriend, Malaysian actress Nasriah "Anne" Ngasri, but they broke up and she married someone else in December that year. The split was attributed to multiple factors, including a third party, disapproval from their families and Anne's single mother status.