Animal oracles around the world

The New Paper's "Neighsayers" will be facing stiff competition.

In Singapore, ornamental fish breeder Qian Hu Corporation has unveiled its 2014 edition of Big Huat and Little Huat.

Replacing the two arowanas used for the 2012 European Championship are two newbies that were handpicked from a pool of 300 candidates. They went through three months of training to learn how to activate a lever that releases a food pellet in a cylinder.

Yesterday, Big Huat predicted a draw between Brazil and Croatia in the World Cup opening match, while the more adventurous Small Huat went for a Croatian win.


Over in host country Brazil, Cabeção, or Big Head the turtle, predicted a win for the host nation.

The loggerhead turtle chose between fish hanging from the Brazilian and Croatian flags, and from a football, which would represent a draw.

In Germany, Nelly the elephant will kick a football into goals marked with the flags of competing countries. British tabloid The Sun has Pele the Psychic Piranha, which makes its choice by picking one out of three morsels of fish to eat.

In China, an unnamed panda cub has taken up the challenge, as has Shaheen, a camel from the deserts of Dubai.