This app will judge your driving skills

Drivers can now track how safe a driver they are with a new mobile app launched yesterday.

AXA Drive is a road safety driving app that encourages users to drive safely. It is available free on Android and iOS platforms.

Seven Fly Entertainment artistes, including actors Allan Wu, Irene Ang and blogger Wendy Cheng (aka Xiaxue), test-drove the app for about 6.6km along Holland Road yesterday.

Ms Cheng was tops, with a perfect score of 300.

Drivers are rated on three factors - acceleration, turning and braking. Each factor is given a score out of 100 at the end of the journey.

A sharp turn or sudden brake, for example, will result in a lower score as compared to a smoother ride.

Mrs Doina Palici-Chehab, chief executive of AXA Insurance Singapore, said of the app: "We hope that drivers become more conscious of their driving behaviour and improve their driving habits."

The app, which debuted in Europe, also gives driving tips, such as what to do when travelling with a pet in the vehicle.

Ms Cheng, who has been driving for just over a year, said she was "kind of surprised" by her perfect score: "As I had no sudden brakes and drove pretty smoothly, I expected a high score, but a perfect score was a bit astonishing."

She gave the app four out of five stars for its fun and ease of use, saying that "(the app) would motivate drivers to drive safely for higher scores".