Assault on another foreign worker caught on CCTV

VICTIM: Mr Balu Petter Sam suffered a black eye and fractures to his nose and face. - PHOTO: A@RISCO



He was punched, shoved and then kicked like a football, according to CCTV footage of the assault on Mr Balu Petter Sam.

The attack was so vicious that the 31-year-old Indian national suffered facial fractures and a black eye.

In the CCTV footage provided by A@risco Services, Mr Balu Petter was seen leaving the Food Axis building in Senoko, Woodlands, on May 8 last year at about 8am, while talking to a security guard.

After they left the building, they continued to be engaged in what looked like a heated conversation.


The security guard then struck Mr Balu Petter in the face with his elbow, causing him to fall to the ground.

As Mr Balu Petter struggled to get up, the guard launched a flying kick at his head and continued raining blows on his victim with his fist.

The pair then grappled with each other before the guard kicked Mr Balu Petter four more times.

The attack was witnessed by another man who walked towards the pair before calling out to the guard and ushering him away.

Mr Balu Petter took the opportunity to get to his feet and flee.

He was later taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital where he underwent surgery for a nasal fracture. He also suffered a fracture below his eye.

A@risco managing director Adiel Tan said Mr Balu Petter, who has since returned to India, is still recovering from his injuries.

The attacker was sentenced to six months' jail on Dec 1 last year.