Attacker drops phone, calls own number

FIRST WOMAN, THEN MAN: When Mr Eric looked through the contents in the phone that Lu Choon Sien had dropped, he was shocked to see pictures of a man used as the profile picture for various social media platforms.

It was about 3am, and he was deep in slumber when his wife's cries woke him up.

"Save me, dear!" she screamed in Mandarin outside the flat on Nov 7 last year.

When warehouse executive Eric (not his real name) rushed out of his flat, all he saw was his wife on all fours outside the unit, crying and shaking.

She told him that someone had tried to strangle her with a rope.

The attacker, who was dressed as a woman, fled.

But he dropped his phone in the corridor near their flat.

Just as Mr Eric was trying to find out what had happened to his wife, the phone rang.

It was Lu Choon Sien calling his own number, claiming that his phone had been snatched just 10 minutes ago - about the same time his wife was strangled.


"His phone was not locked, so I tried to see if there were any pictures of him.

"I was shocked when I found that the phone's wallpaper and the pictures showed a man," said Mr Eric.

After agreeing to meet at the void deck, he called the police.

His wife recognised Lu instantly, though he showed up as a man.

"She knew it was him because she remembered his facial features and complexion.

"She then lunged forward and slapped him several times. The police had to hold her back because she was so agitated," Mr Eric said.

The next day, when the couple recorded their statements at the police station, the investigation officer said Lu had targeted his wife as she was wearing high heels.

As a result, his wife has now stopped wearing high heels, he said.

The officer added that Lu wanted to apologise to them face-to-face, but the couple rejected the apology.

"For what? Can I punch him in the face, then apologise later?" said Mr Eric.