Baby Steps project for teens

Baby Steps is the Final Year Project of four undergraduates from the Wee Kim Wee School Of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University.

As part of this project, a study was done among 591 people aged between 18 and 25 in October last year, to try to understand young people's perceptions and attitudes towards teenage pregnancy.

46% of respondents knew of a pregnant teenager.

2% could name an avenue of help for pregnant teens.

45% felt that teenage pregnancy causes shame and embarrassment in their community.

27% said that people in their community would think less of a pregnant teenager.

22% of pregnant teens would turn to their parents first.

46% would go to the guy who made them pregnant.

The NTU students have partnered Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support (Babes) to tackle the lack of knowledge of appropriate avenues of help for pregnant teenagers.

They will be holding a roadshow this Saturday, which is an audio-visual experience from a pregnant teenager's point of view.

Participants can enter different rooms to learn more about their fears and challenges in everyday scenarios.

They can also speak to case workers from Babes to learn more about the services the organisation provides.


What: Walk Through The Mind of a Pregnant Teenager

Where: The Hideouts at *SCAPE, 2, Orchard Link

When: Saturday, 11am to 8pm

Cost: Free