Be a foster parent

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) is on the lookout for more foster parents.

Senior assistant director of MSF Fostering Service, Ms Fong Wai Mian, says: "Our foster mothers open their homes and their hearts to these vulnerable children.

"They give them love and shelter.This is vital as many of these children cannot live with their own families because of neglect, abandonment and abuse.

"With patient care, these foster mothers put the children on the path of healing."

Among the criteria, an applicant is preferably married, at least 25 years old, is medically fit to care for children and is willing to provide a nurturing environment.

An allowance of $936 a month is provided to the foster parent for each child they care for to cover the child's daily necessities.

If the child has special needs, this amount is raised to $1,114.

Fostering is different from adoption - a foster child keeps his identity and continues to be the legal child of his natural parents, with whom he will reunite.

But when this is not possible, there have been instances where the foster child stays on for a longer term, with his best interest at heart, says MSF.

The next roadshow by MSF will be from Aug 25 to 31 at Novena Square 2.

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