Being funny to get serious

The videos may be funny and have elicited guffaws from their many viewers, but there are valuable lessons to be learnt from the hilarious sketches.

Responding to queries from The New Paper, the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) said that it was the first time it had worked with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to create comedy videos to reach out to the Net-savvy members of the public.

Its spokesman said that the first video, Criminal Watch, aims to raise public awareness of offences like theft, "sextortion" and Internet purchase scams.

NCPC chairman Tan Kian Hoon told TNP: "Using a humorous video to promote a serious message on crime prevention to Singapore residents was something we had never attempted before.

"We are very excited and encouraged by the public reception of our first video. Criminal Watch has attracted over 1.1 million views since its launch last November, with viewers leaving many encouraging comments on Facebook and YouTube."

He added that, encouraged by the positive response received for the first video, NCPC and SPF collaborated with Night Owl Cinematics again to produce a second video, Criminal Watch - You Got Scammed Musical (above).

"We hope more Singaporeans will watch the videos and share them with friends and family, so that everyone will remember to be more vigilant against scams," said Mr Tan.