... Bliss below

STUCK: The cable car was stuck for two and a half hours. TNP PHOTO: ZAIHAN MOHD YUSOF

Amid the din of pounding music, the lean bodies of the surfers were being sprayed by the man-made waves at The Wave House on Siloso Beach.

Scores of spectators were cheering the surfers on as they wrestled the waves.

Elsewhere along Siloso Beach, the late afternoon sunlight cast long shadows on beachgoers flying kites and children having a go at the trapeze.

It was a typical sunny Sunday and a party-like atmosphere was expected.

But not yesterday. High on the hills behind Siloso Beach, a high-wire drama was unfolding.


Unknown to almost everyone The New Paper spoke to, a man was sitting nervously in a cable car cabin stuck more than 20m - about eight storeys high - above ground.

One other cable car cabin, which was undergoing installation works, had already plunged into a construction site.

Beachgoer Premkumar, 28, said he had not noticed anything unusual while he took pictures of his Filipino girlfriend.

When we pointed him to the lone cable car cabin behind the beach, he replied: "No wonder.

"We walked to Siloso Beach and at the entrance of Imbiah Walk, we saw many men in uniform. They only told us that the road was closed."