Bringing the juice bar trend to Singapore

He left brokering on Wall Street to juice fruits and vegetables.

Mr Tan Choon Boon, 27, founder of Joob, confesses that he would hit the trendy juice bars in New York to get rid of hangovers.

"It was good money, but there were the drinking, the stress, the sleepless nights."

When he decided to up sticks and move back to Singapore in October last year, he thought of bringing the concept to our shores.

"The juice bars were really expanding across the city and I was thinking about how this could be something for the average Joe like me.

"I get lazy, I eat, I don't do yoga every day, but that juice can still help me."

So the purchase of a cold-press juicer, and many months of research and experimentation later, Joob started with a range of five organic juices.

Cold pressing refers to a way that the juices are extracted from the fruits and vegetables. It produces highly concentrated juices with very little pulp, taking about 30 to 40 minutes to make a single bottle from scratch.

The detox programme that Joob offers comes with a pre-detox plan, six bottles of raw, cold-pressed organic juices a day.

Mr Tan says it took a lot of experimentation and research to get the mix of juices just right. There are, today, 10 juices to choose from.

He's getting a fair share of repeat customers, he says. And orders are up by 25 per cent each month.

There are now customers who will even do detox days twice a week. Though most times people choose to do it either once a week or month, he says.

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