Seven hundred people took four days to build Singapore's largest wall mural made of Lego bricks.

The record-setting mural, which measures 5.4m by 2.3m, was built with over 140,000 Lego bricks.

Ms Xylvie Wong, 32, the designer of the mural and owner of My Little Brick Shop, said the bricks took about three to four weeks to arrive. She and her staff then had to count and pack the bricks.

Shoppers at Marina Square participated in setting the record by each building parts of the design.

Each participant was given a Lego plate measuring 12.5cm by 12.5cm. They then had to fit 256 pieces of Lego on the plate according to a given design.

The 756 pre-designed plates were then fitted onto the wall at the Marina Square Central Atrium to form the mural.

It earned a place in the Singapore Book of Records.

The mural has since been moved to Westgate mall, where it will be on show for two weeks. It will then be taken apart and donated to several charities.