Of the 567 respondents to an online survey by The New Paper, about 350 indicated that they would be leaving the country during the four-day break in August.

When asked if Singaporeans should stay for the Jubilee Weekend, 352 respondents felt that they were not duty-bound to do so.

About 4 in 10 felt Singaporeans should stay in the country to celebrate, saying that it should be done out of pride.

A day after the extra public holiday was declared to celebrate the nation's 50th birthday, Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob appealed to Singaporeans to remain in the country and join in the celebrations, instead of going abroad.

"My appeal to Singaporeans is to please stay in Singapore during the long weekend.

"I understand that Singaporeans take the opportunity during periods of long weekends to chill out with their families overseas, and on other occasions that's all right, but on this occasion, I hope that they will stay and really celebrate together as a nation," Madam Halimah had said.