Cabby hit my taxi again and again

He was waiting in his taxi, listening to music and thinking that the night was going well.

But the tranquillity was shattered when another taxi hit the back of his vehicle at about 1am yesterday.

Even before Mr Han Jin Kwang, 48, could react, the red TransCab taxi hit his vehicle at least another four times, before speeding off and overturning.

Yesterday, Mr Han told The New Paper that the incident happened when he was waiting for customers at Pasir Ris Drive 12.

"It was a peaceful night. I was waiting in my taxi near the industrial estate for the factory workers to get off their shift," he said.

It was then that he noticed a red Toyota Wish pull up behind his yellow CityCab taxi.

Two passengers alighted from the taxi, but he did not pay much attention to them.

All of a sudden, the other taxi lurched forward and hit his rear bumper.

"When the taxi first hit my vehicle, I thought it was just an accident.

"But when the taxi hit me again and again, I knew something was wrong," said Mr Han, who added that his vehicle was pushed across a traffic light junction.

It was only then that he regained his composure, released the handbrake and stepped on his accelerator.

"Even as I was driving, the other taxi kept very close to me.

"I was so scared at that point of time. I've never offended anyone, but I thought the driver was out to kill me," he said.

He then moved to the right lane and the TransCab taxi sped past him.

Mr Han stopped to check the damage to his vehicle and called the police.

He also noticed that the other taxi had stopped some distance away.


When he drove towards it, he realised that the taxi had overturned.

There were passers-by helping the driver out, he said.

When Mr Han confronted the driver after he was pulled out, he said the driver looked lost.

He made a report with the police and his company, CityCab.

When contacted, a TransCab spokesman said that their taxi driver has so far not made an accident report.

As for Mr Han, he said he is taking two days off work.

"I couldn't sleep after I finished work. I am still quite affected by the incident," he said.