Cases reported in 12 months

February 2015


A pair of mother, 55, and son, 20, had been hoarding for a decade. The mess spilt over to the woman's mother-in-law's flat. The trash was from floor to ceiling. Neighbours complained of both pests and odour. Both flats were cleaned up in an operation coordinated by the Housing Board, and involving the National Environment Agency, the Potong Pasir Town Council and the police.

January 2015


A dispute erupted when residents spoke of how a hoarder would rummage through recycling bins. She took the items home in a trolley that scraped the ground. The noise gave residents sleepless nights. There was also a stench emanating from her flat. The town council tried to clear some junk in the corridors.

December 2014


A man in his 50s was found dead in his three-room flat on Nov 18 at Block 195, Kim Keat Avenue. Yet, neighbours still had to put up with the stench from his flat a month after. The flat was so crammed with rubbish that cleaners had to use a shovel to remove the contents that covered the entire kitchen floor.

October 2014


One resident had been hoarding for two years. It took 14 people nearly 10 hours to clear the rubbish.

February 2014


One resident was reported to have collected rubbish in her flat for years. Plastic bags were piled atop each other and plastic bottles littered the walkway. Neighbours complained of pests invading their homes.