CCTVs allowed only when...

KEEPING WATCH: One of the surveillance cameras Mr Richard has installed outside his flat.


The installation of CCTV cameras is generally not allowed on common property, including corridors and areas outside flats.

Residents who wish to install such cameras have to seek approval from the Housing Board.

For offences under the Town Council by-laws, offenders may face a fine not exceeding $1,000.

The police may also install CCTV cameras for the purpose of deterring crime after seeking prior approval from the town council.


Although HDB does not allow residents to install CCTV cameras, exceptions can be made in cases which involve harassment or security issues. Under such circumstances, HDB can exercise flexibility and allow residents to do so.

However, only one camera can be installed and it is to be used for the surveillance of the area immediately outside the flat.

Applications can be made to HDB and residents can call the branch customer service line at 1800-225-5432 for this purpose.

Approval is only temporary, for a period up six months or until the issue has been resolved, whichever is earlier.

Upon the expiry of the approval, residents are required to remove their CCTV cameras.