Changes in NLB


An advisory panel, comprising a cross section of society and including those in the literary community, will be set up to help with the review process.

Minister for Communications and Information Dr Yaacob Ibrahim said this would allow the National Library Board (NLB) team to "test their judgment" on a wider audience.

But he emphasised that NLB will still have the final say.

There will also be separate NLB teams to select books for acquisition and to review the books.


Controversial books may no longer be pulped in future.

Now most books are withdrawn and pulped because they are worn out or torn. Books that become outdated, such as IT books, are either sold or donated, said Dr Yaacob.

The announcement that two children's book titles would be pulped after they were withdrawn from library shelves sparked a public outcry last month.

He said: "It reflects a deep-seated respect in our culture for the written word and it's for this reason that I have asked NLB to transfer And Tango Makes Three and The White Swan Express to the adult section.

"NLB's key objective in ensuring that the children's library is age-appropriate can still be achieved."