There are no specific police statistics for cheating cases involving luxury goods such as designer bags.

But police statistics show that cheating cases involving e-commerce jumped from 238 cases in 2012 to 509 last year.

Multiple Payment Online Purchase Scam cases accounted for most of the increase. From only 14 such cases in 2012, there was an astounding jump to 231 cases last year.

Such scams typically involve culprits posing as sellers of items like smartphones, tablets and luxury goods, collecting deposits and failing to deliver the purchased items.

Their delaying tactics include asking for further payment "on the pretext of mixed delivery orders", said the police.

Even after paying up, the victims would still not receive the goods.

The police advise the public to be suspicious of offers that are too good to be true.

Payment should be made only on delivery of the goods and you should trust only establishments or people you know.