Cleaner's niece refutes allegations

SUPPORT: Mr Tan Soy Kiang lives with his niece Pamela Lim and her family.

When told about Madam Tan Hwee Ngo's claims that she took only $30,000 from Mr Tan Soy Kiang, his niece said that it was not true.

Ms Pamela Lim said the $30,000 was a figure that her husband had come up with.

"It was a heavily discounted sum that he said the women could repay to try to get them to stop extorting money further from my uncle," she said.

She also refuted Madam Tan's claim that they had stopped taking money from him since February last year and that she had repaid $5,000.

"Not true. Between September 2013 and February 2014, they made only three payments of $500. They were inconsistent with their payments," Ms Lim said.

As for Madam Boo Sok Hiang's claims that Mr Tan willingly gave her money when she told him of her need to pay a lawyer to try to get her money back from the defunct association that helped the needy elderly, Ms Lim said it was a load of rubbish.

She also said that she did not threaten the women or force them to sign the agreement to repay the money to her uncle.


"What I meant by the 'hard way' was me taking the story and recording to the media.

"I merely wanted them to stop cheating my uncle of his hard-earned money," Ms Lim said.

"I just wanted my uncle to know he doesn't owe them or anyone money.

"In fact, my uncle was so kind, he didn't want me to report them to the police.

"He didn't want them to go to jail on the grounds that they have families."