Clubbers say: Alcohol 
is routine

A bottle of Absolut vodka costs about $200 in Zouk. The same bottle costs about $50 at a nearby convenience store.

This is why some clubbers choose to "pre-load" on alcohol bought from convenience stores before going to the famous club.

Undergraduate Samuel Ang, 27, said: "If possible, I would buy alcohol from nearby convenience shops as it is much cheaper than drinking inside Zouk."

Mr Chuah Wen Xun, 21, who is waiting to enter university, said that while such behaviour is common, he has noticed people behaving irresponsibly after leaving the club at about 5am.

They would vomit on the streets and litter the place with plastic bags and food wrappers.

"They are often too drunk to get home properly and many of them end up passing out on the grass patch or pavement," he said.

Another clubber who declined to be named said: "It is like a routine now. Everybody does it because it is cheaper, so we follow."

Asked about the proposed curfew, he conceded that it would minimise the disturbances faced by nearby residents.

But like other young clubbers, he is unhappy that their nights of "pre-loading" on cheap alcohol could soon be over.

"It's not fair as it will be tougher to get alcohol, 10.30pm is usually the time we start to buy alcohol.

"So we'll have to look into going to other clubs or bars that sell less expensive drinks," he said.