Commemorative stone near Golden Mile Complex

Ten years may have passed but their respect for Hero Heng has never faded.

On Tuesday, as Mr Phornamdaeng, Mr Suphathip and Mr Kabkaew led TNP to the commemorative stone, they bowed in respect and laid their hands on the stone.

This way, they get to greet an old friend again.

For months after the accident, the men would often drop by after work to sit there and 'hang out' with Mr Heng. They would also talk about their former colleague and share fond memories of him.

Even now, whenever they are near Golden Mile Complex or pass Nicoll Highway, they take some time to remember Mr Heng and "visit" if they have the time.

But without fail, every year on April 20, the men turn up at the site and spend time with their boss.

The lessons their friend taught them have not left them.

All three men have been promoted to construction foreman, leading teams of workers, the same way Mr Heng led them.

Mr Phornamdaeng said: "When our workers are tired and work hard, we do what Ah Heng did for us. We treat them to 'kopi' and fruits."

Mr Suphathip said they want to continue Mr Heng's tradition of buying "kopi" and fruits for their workers.

He said: "Ah Heng treated us well, so we have also learnt to treat our own workers the same way."