The confrontation and confessions

MONEY: Mr Tan met with one of the women who had allegedly been taking money from him, a day after he received his pay packet. - TNP PHOTO: JUDITH TAN

The date was Feb 5, 2014.

The time, 2pm.

The place, MOS Burger at Toa Payoh HDB Hub.

Mr Tan Soy Kiang had made a police report against the women two days earlier. But his niece Pamela Lim, 39 decided to confront the two women.

The two elderly women admitted on video to taking money from Mr Tan every month for the last 15 years, on the pretext of helping him repay his "debt to the Prime Minister".

Both women, speaking in Teochew and Hokkien, confessed and apologised.

They even promised not to harass Mr Tan again.

And when it came to making restitution, both agreed to pay $500 a month each until they repaid the money they took from Mr Tan in full.

Apart from having their confessions taped, the two women also signed a written one.

But that didn't last. They were back to their old tricks in August last year, allegedly waylaying Mr Tan at both his workplaces.

The last time was on Wednesdayat the Residents' Corner of Block 259 Kim Keat Avenue, a day after Mr Tan received his pay packet from the Esso station. Ms Lim alerted this reporter who saw Mr Tan meeting up with the women.