Cycling should be 'safe for everyone'

Tampines is Singapore's first cycling town, the only one to have by-laws allowing cycling on footpaths.

But its town council is also one of two that has been issuing fines to errant riders, reported The Straits Times after a check with all 16 town councils.

Since 2010, Tampines has issued 370 fines and 1,121 verbal warnings to cyclists for riding in a way that endangers others, such as speeding across bus stops and swerving suddenly.

Tampines GRC MP Irene Ng told ST that although its town council wants to encourage cycling, the experience should be safe for everyone.

Each town council has its own set of by-laws and can fine cyclists if they ride recklessly in common areas such as Housing Board void decks. The Traffic Police issue fines for cycling offences.