Cyclists rude and reckless, say residents

STOPPED: A photo of cyclists caught for illegal cycling at the Bedok Town Centre posted on the East Coast Town Council Facebook page.

Many cyclists in the Bedok Town Centre are self-entitled, rude and reckless.

That is the view of six Bedok residents we spoke to. They told The New Paper they were glad that something is finally being done about the problem.

One of them, Mr Clement Chew, 33, said: "They have no concern for anyone but themselves. There is no law and order.

"Every time I see a cyclist riding recklessly, I will tell them to stop as there are children here.

"But some will argue that we don't know how to take care of our children."

Three of the residents had complained to the East Coast Town Council that the situation had got worse over the years.

Madam Gopal Panjawarnam, 65, said she was hit from the back by a cyclist while crossing the road last month.

When she heard about the $100 fine imposed on errant cyclists, the receptionist said: "Good, I'm very happy to hear that they are doing something.

"Can you imagine if it's your kids or grandkids who are in some accident with a bicycle?

"Naturally, you will want them to be punished."

Retiree S.H. Lee, believes that the town council should continue its crackdown against illegal cycling.


Calling for larger fines against errant cyclists, Mr Lee, 63, said: "Cyclists will only know that it's an offence when money comes out of the wallet. People will know the rules after that."

The resident of more than 30 years at Bedok North Road said he first noticed the problem around five years ago as cycling became more popular in Bedok.

"Cyclists use pedestrian walkways in residential areas as short cuts, and they travel at high speeds.

"The walkways have become more like roads."