Dangers of plastic surgery

Psychologist Daniel Koh said a rising number of patients seek plastic surgery because it has become more accepted.

But the problem comes when perfection is not enough.

"People place emphasis on looking a certain way, which might push them to ignore the risks or push them to do even more (procedures after the first)," he said.

He added: "As long as there is acceptance and more people are talking about it, more will be encouraged to do it."

Psychiatrist Adrian Wang said 
he has seen more young people in recent years who are concerned about their physical appearance 
and are influenced by Korean pop culture.

Dr Wang has also seen patients who underwent treatment like eyelid surgery and breast augmentation who feel they have ended up worse than before.

He warned against the dangers, saying: "One is when you use cosmetic surgery to compensate for low self-esteem. Another is when you're caught up with fashion trends and fads and the regrets come later, especially with procedures that are permanent and can expose you to the risk of complications."