'Debtor duped my son'


She believes her son had been duped into investing in a business venture with Mr Jonathan, the target of debt collectors. She now wants his money back.

The woman, who wanted to be known only as Madam Doris, said she had sought help from JMS Rogers, a debt recovery firm, on her son's behalf.

The job was then passed on to DZ Global, a licensee of JMS Rogers.

Madam Doris, 51, a housewife, alleged that Mr Jonathan had taken the money to fund his own lifestyle.

She claimed he had taken advantage of her son, whom she said has a lower-than-average intelligence.

She declined to give his name.

Her son had borrowed $16,500 from moneylenders to invest in the events management business. The money swelled to $23,000 after interest.


Madam Doris said she had paid off most of the loan. Speaking to The New Paper in Mandarin on Wednesday, she said: "I went weak in my legs as soon as my son mentioned moneylenders.

"When people call (my son) 'brother', he thinks they are good friends and is willing to do anything for them."

According to her son, Mr Jonathan met him online more than a year ago, and they decided to start a company.

Madam Doris' son then took several loans to start the company. Mr Jonathan had agreed to do the work while Madam Doris' son came up with the money.

Madam Doris said her son had opened a bank account for moneylenders to deposit the loan.

It was Mr Jonathan, however, who held the bank card most of the time, she claimed. She said many entries in the bank's statement showed most of the loan went to places like supermarkets and even a KTV disco.

A WhatsApp conversation between Mr Jonathan and her son also allegedly revealed that the former often borrowed money from the latter.

Such evidence, as well as his 15 years of experience, were what led Mr Roger Rajan N. Nadar, who owns JMS Rogers, to conclude that Mr Jonathan is guilty.

He said he took up Madam Doris' case out of a sense of justice.

Adding that her eyes brimmed with tears as she related the story to him, Mr Rajan said: "We don't jump to conclusions. We do our own investigation as well."