Defence: Injuries on victim were 'unintentional'

The injuries sustained by Miss Ummul Qurratu 'Ain Abdul Rahman were unintentional, defence lawyer Jayakumar Naidu suggested to her during cross-examination yesterday.

On Tuesday, Miss Ummul had told the court that after being stabbed twice, she passed out and when she came to, she thought she saw the accused, Giselle Shi Jia Wei, cutting her own wrists.

"If your version is to be believed," Mr Naidu said, "there was opportunity for the accused to cause you further harm (while she was passed out)."

In response, Miss Ummul said: "All I can say is that she probably thought that I was already dead. Or she wanted to let me slowly die since I (had) already lost so much blood from two stabs."

Mr Naidu also painted a different scenario of the alleged attack for the witness.

While straddling Miss Ummul's left thigh on the bed, his client had threatened to kill herself with the knife she had brought in her handbag, he said.

It was revealed earlier that Shi was known to have threatened suicide at least twice previously.

Unconvinced that Shi would go through with the threat, Miss Ummul ignored her and continued watching television until she saw her former lover turn the knife on herself, Mr Naidu said.

"You did not bother stopping her and you were over-confident she couldn't go through (with it)," he added.

He suggested that during the struggle, Miss Ummul was stabbed once in the chest, but managed to pull out the knife. They tumbled to the floor and Miss Ummul was stabbed a second time. She pulled out the knife again and threw it under the bed.

Miss Ummul disagreed with Mr Naidu's scenarios.