Defence: Teen lied about age

It was a hobby gone wrong, said Andrew's defence counsel, Mr Vinit Chhabra, in mitigation.

Mr Chhabra told the court that his client had posted an advertisement seeking a man for a couple photoshoot on an adult online forum, meant for those above 18 years old.

He said that it was the Secondary 4 boy who brought himself into the equation when he found his way into the forum and contacted his client.

The boy then deceived his client by lying about his age, which was below 16.

And it was the 18-year-old girl who chose the boy for the session after 10 people responded to the advertisement, Mr Chhabra said.

The pictures were leaked on the Internet after the girl's e-mail account was hacked.

Andrew had earlier sent her some pictures of the erotic photoshoot, the lawyer said.

He also pointed out that his client, who came to Singapore from India and has since lost his job, did not have sex with the boy.

"My client is paying a heavy price for something he did not do (verify the boy's age) and is likely to carry on paying," he said.