Depression clouds judgment, says doc

Only a small percentage of depressed people want to end their own lives.

And an even smaller number want to end the lives of those who caused their unhappiness, said psychiatrist Adrian Wang.

Dr Wang said a build-up of emotions can cause a depressed person to snap.

"Apart from being depressed, he also feels humiliated by a loss of respect. This is usually combined with a sense of hopelessness.

"And when a person feels there is no way out, that is when his judgment gets clouded."


Doctors and counsellors said those in the prime of their lives are finding it hard to bear up under the pressure of increasing competition in the workplace and keeping up with the material success of their peers.

When asked why a cry for help on social media like Facebook can go unheeded, Dr Wang, who is in private practice, said not all Facebook friends are close friends.

"They do not catch the nuances when someone is trying to reach out.

"Also, there are a lot of attention-seekers out there on Facebook and on Twitter.

"This often makes it difficult to suss out what is a genuine distress call."