Runners who had not passed certain distances by specified times were diverted to shorter routes towards the finish line because of safety reasons.

Said a spokesman for Spectrum Worldwide:"We had planned the diversion points with the safety of the runners in mind as the closed roads had to be reopened at a specific time."

One of these diversion points was located approximately at the 13km mark of the route.


Marathon runners who had not crossed this mark by 7.30am were diverted to allow them to reach Marina Barrage by about 8.15am.

All participants who were diverted were still entitled to receive their T-shirt and medal, the spokesman said.

But they will not receive their certificate and their official race timings will not be recorded.

The spokesman added: "We do not want to discourage them from taking part in other races as we understand that the participants have trained very hard. Ultimately, the runners have participated in the marathon.

"The organisers would want to look into the feedback given for the event."