Dolls in real & reel lives

Lars and the Real Girl (above).

Nov 2014

In a photography series titled Men and Dolls, Copenhagen-based Benita Marcussen photographed men in long-term relationships with their dolls in a series of intimate photographs.

One of the men depicted lost his wife to cancer and could not find another woman who would be interested in him. He ended up buying a doll who looked similar to his late wife.

Oct 2014

Dating couple Dave Hockey and Shawna Bigelow spoke about their intimate relationship with five dolls on UK television channel ITV.

They spent more than £20,000 ($41,200) on the dolls in their one year of courtship and regularly "invite" them into their bedroom.

Oct 2007

A movie, Lars and the Real Girl, depicted the romantic relationship between a reclusive man and his silicone doll "Bianca".

Staring Ryan Gosling as the psychologically scarred Lars, the film shows his family and his small-town community treating Bianca as if she is real on the advice of his psychiatrist.