Don't be victimised


• Usually based overseas.

• Advertise sale of items (usually IT gadgets) online. Items priced below market value to entice victims.

• Communicate via e-mail, overseas calls and text messaging applications.


• Attracted by bargain prices of items offered by scammers.

• Told to pay via bank transfers to local bank accounts, which lends credence to the deal.

• When items are not delivered, they are sometimes told to make additional payments for customs fees and insurance until they realise they have been scammed.

• Victims never recover their money.


• Money mules, usually those with Singaporean bank accounts, carry out money laundering for the scammers by remitting their ill-gotten gains to foreign bank accounts.

• Many are lured by online job ads and are unaware they are part of a crime

• Some get commissions for their services ­- usually 10 per cent of the transferred amount.