DPP: Yap's offences showed 'high degree' of premeditation

In his mitigation, Yap Weng Wah said he had been sexually abused as a boy.

His mathematics teacher had oral sex and anal sex with him when he was 12 years old.

The abuse, which had occurred once or twice a week, lasted nine months until Yap finished school, he said in his mitigation plea, according to defence counsel Daniel Koh from Eldan Law LLP.

Yap, 31, a quality assurance engineer who came to Singapore to work in 2009, said he thought what he had experienced with his teacher were acts of love and intimacy.

In a teary appeal to Justice Woo Bih Li yesterday, Yap said: "I can't put it in words. I'm very shameful for what I've done. I wish I could turn back time. Unfortunately, I can't."

But Yap, a first-time offender, had initially not felt that way.

He told Justice Woo: "...I am terribly ashamed to admit that on my first day of remand, I felt confused, I felt frightened, I felt rage and I was blaming everybody but myself."

Yap, whose family was in court, has been remanded since September 2012.

Deputy Public Prosecutor David Khoo had asked the court to impose a total sentence of not less than 30 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane for Yap.

He said Yap's offences had shown a "high degree" of premeditation and had clearly targeted a vulnerable group of victims.

Mr Koh, on the other hand, urged the court to give consideration to the time Yap had spent in remand when considering the sentence.

He said in the mitigation plea: "The time spent in remand has served as a deterrent effect on Yap. Yap is fully committed to exorcising his demons and rehabilitation."

Yap will be sentenced at a later date.