Duo may get jail time

Real estate agent Pamela Lim, 39, said two police reports were made since February last year.

But in the first report, her uncle Tan Soy Kiang, 70, who is the alleged victim, told the police then that the money was handed over to the two women on "his own accord" as a personal loan.

"My uncle is simple-minded and not educated, he has a low IQ and is easily misled. Being afraid of the two women, he might not have explained himself clearly or properly the first time round," Ms Lim says.

It was a year later, after a second report had been made, that the cops started investigating and called up the women.

One of them has since been arrested.

Criminal lawyer Luke Lee says this is probably a case of cheating and the women can be charged under section 420 of the Penal Code.

"Each time he hands over the money, it is one count of cheating. He has handed over his monthly salary in a period of 15 years. We are looking at multiple counts and it will (likely) be a custodial sentencing," Mr Lee says.

Anyone found guilty faces a fine and can be jailed for up to 10 years.