Encourage maids to attend courses


Many employers are reluctant to give first-time maids a weekly day off, fearing they may fall into the wrong company and do stupid things such as getting pregnant without meaning to.

In light of this, the Ministry of Manpower could consider offsetting the maid levy of employers who are willing to let their maids go for personal development, enrichment courses or language classes on their day off.

Some maids may be unsure of all that needs to be done in a household with a family member suffering from conditions such as Parkinson's disease or dementia.

In such cases, both maids and their employers could undergo professional training.


It is not often that employers treat their maids like family, so we need to give this employer a second chance. Instead of a penalty, the Ministry of Manpower could counsel him and connect him with relevant agencies to ensure that the surrounding areas are mosquito-free.

— Reader Raymond Anthony Fernando on an employer who was investigated after his maid was seen cleaning a canal to prevent mosquito-breeding. The maid had volunteered to do the job and her employer did not know it was wrong to let her do so.