Singer Tegar's ex-manager Arif Dollah denied all allegations of sexual abuse made against him in an interview with The New Paper last month, shortly after he made headlines for alleged sexual abuse.

TNP was unable to contact him yesterday.

"I didn't do any of it. A friend of mine who is close to Tegar and whom Tegar treats like a brother said that someone must have forced him to (make the allegations)," he said in the earlier interview.

"Someone is unhappy with me because I know something that can expose them. I won't say what it is," he said.

He also claimed that he pitied Tegar, who he said was "caught in the middle" and "afraid to apologise" to him for making the allegations.

He first denied the allegations of sexual abuse, saying that he had indeed slept in the same bed with Tegar together with a third person.

Tegar was wearing shorts and a sarong as blanket and was not merely in his underwear.

He said he had accompanied Tegar to the shower, but stood outside with the door closed but unlocked as Tegar is a "scaredy cat".

He denied taking Tegar's belongings, saying that he had passed the guitar to a friend to look after it.

He also said he left the passport, the laptop and the camera in the Jakarta apartment that Harpa Records had arranged for them.

Mr Arif had also claimed then that he has "proof of (his) innocence".

He also denied sexually abusing Sufie Rashid.