Ex-manager: Someone must have forced him to say these things

Tegar Septian's former manager, Mr Arif Dollah, has denied all the allegations made against him.

"I didn't do any of it. A friend of mine who is close to Tegar and whom Tegar treats like a brother said that someone must have forced him to (make the allegations)," he said in a phone interview yesterday.

Mr Arif, who said he was hired by Tegar's parents in February last year, told The New Paper: "Someone is unhappy with me because I know something that can expose them. I won't say what it is."

He stopped managing Tegar on Jan 30 after returning to Indonesia from Malaysia.

He said that he pitied Tegar, who he claimed is "caught in the middle" and "afraid to apologise" to him for making the allegations.

In response to the allegations of sex abuse, he said: "I don't know how the story came about. In truth, Tegar sleeps wearing shorts and a sarong that he uses as a blanket. Also, he is 13 and able.

"There was also another person there (in the bed). If we had both been in just our underwear, wouldn't the third person say something?"


Mr Arif said that he, Tegar and an agent in Malaysia had stayed in a condominium at Jalan Dutamas in Kuala Lumpur.

They had all slept together on a king-size bed.

He admitted that he accompanied Tegar to shower as the boy is a "scaredy cat" but that he would stand outside with the door closed but unlocked.

"Even when he needs to relieve himself, I will wait outside and talk to him because he is scared of being left alone," he said.

He strongly denied the allegations that he had sexually abused Tegar.

He said: "It's simple - all this is a plot to bring me down. The stories are made up."

Mr Arif also denied taking Tegar's belongings, which included a guitar worth RM9,980 (S$3,760) and his passport.

"When the passport was missing, why go to the media and not the police? I did not take it, I merely left it in the apartment (in Jakarta, which was arranged for by record label Harpa Records) and all they had to do was to find it," he said.

"Truthfully, the guitar is expensive and something Tegar and I bought together. I value that guitar and passed it to a friend to look after."

He claimed that Tegar had once told him that his parents would sell his things for money.

As for the laptop and camera, Mr Arif said he left them in the same apartment in Jakarta upon their return from Malaysia.

He also said that he had never stopped Tegar, who has his own mobile phone, from contacting his parents.

"He would communicate with his mother via audio notes on WhatsApp," he said.

Mr Arif reiterated that he is not guilty of any wrongdoing and has engaged the services of a lawyer to help him.

"I have proof of my innocence," he said.

"There was also another person there (in the bed). If we had both been in just our underwear, wouldn't the third person say something?"

- Tegar's former manager, Mr Arif Dollah, in response to the allegations of sex abuse