Ex-NUS law prof had sex with student


Last year, the National University of Singapore (NUS) sacked law professor Tey Tsun Hang (top) after he was initially found guilty in a sex-for-grades corruption case.

He was charged with six counts of corruptly obtaining sex and gifts from his student, Miss Darinne Ko (above), a law student at NUS.

Miss Ko, then 21, lost her virginity to her professor and became pregnant with his child. She later had an abortion.

Prof Tey, then 42, was initially sentenced to five months' jail in June last year. He appealed against the verdict and was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by the High Court.

Justice Woo Bih Li said the trial judge was wrong to equate morally reprehensible conduct with what is legally wrong. But he had strong words for the ex-professor, saying that he was "a man without honour".

Justice Woo concluded that Miss Ko was in love with the professor and that he had abused his position as a lecturer and exploited his student.