Rajan Menon, senior partner, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing

"Throughout his life... he had constantly been the most loved, and most implicitly followed by family, relatives, friends, and the most dreaded by opponents.

"Having come from a kampung in Sembawang where his family moved to after his father retired as a clerk in the British Royal Navy, Subhas saw how circumstances can force people to turn to crime and yet not be able to defend themselves.

"He said: 'While criminal law is not the most lucrative line of legal work, since many clients cannot afford a lawyer, receiving the gratitude of those I represented was enough.' Some of them even offered him their organs.

"He also said: 'I may not have made so much money, but I think the goodwill I got, even the richest lawyer in Singapore will not have'."

K. Shanmugam, Law Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister (photo)

"We have lost a great man. It is our loss, it is our country's loss, and the country mourns his departure. The media - print, radio, TV - is awash with stories, a testimony to the standing Subhas had.

"To the legal fraternity, Subhas was like an elder brother. His 40 years of experience in overcoming the odds in court, in cases that had originally seemed to be lost, made him a legend in the criminal bar. His incisive intellect and dogged perseverance were tempered by a sharp wit and infectious sense of humour.

"To the people he defended and the general public, he was a hero. His reputation for taking up the toughest cases, often pro bono, and then succeeding against the odds, made him a mainstay in the news and a beacon of hope to the accused whom he defended."