The Tripartite Nautical Training Award is a three-year place-and-train programme that enables Singaporeans and permanent residents to join the maritime industry as Certificate of Competency (Class 3) deck officers.

Taking up this course allows younger people, ideally those in the 20s to early 30s age group, to join the seafaring industry.

About 170 cadets have graduated from the programme since it started in 2009.Around 400 applications are received for each batch, but only about 10 per cent of them make it through various tests to be able to take up the course.

Cadets are trained by Wavelink Maritime Institute, the training arm of the Singapore Maritime Officers' Union (SMOU), and are employed by a shipping company before they start the course.

Eighty per cent of the course fees are subsidised by the Workforce Development Authority and 10 per cent by the SMOU.