Fans die after staying up to watch matches

At least three Chinese football fans died after watching the World Cup.

A 25-year-old from Suzhou in eastern China allegedly died from a lack of sleep after he stayed up several nights in a row to watch the World Cup.

The man was found dead in front of his TV at his home on Saturday morning, reported The Washington Times.

The time difference between Suzhou and Brazil is 11 hours, meaning fans have to stay up through the night to follow the World Cup, Yahoo Sports reported.

Doctors attributed his death to too little sleep.

In another case, a 39-year-old man surnamed Zhou in Shanghai died on Sunday after staying up for three consecutive nights to follow World Cup games, the Shanghai Daily reported.

He had a history of high blood pressure and collapsed on his couch while watching the match between Uruguay and Costa Rica. Doctors said he had a stroke which was caused by a brain haemorrhage, the newspaper said.


Another man, Mr Li Mingqiang, 51, died while watching the Holland-Spain game with his friends, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Mr Li used to be a professional footballer in Liaoning province in the north-east.

His friends called emergency services after Mr Li suffered heart failure, but the medical staff failed to save his life.

The majority of games in the World Cup tournament start between midnight and 6am Beijing time.